Collection Agencies in Florida

Florida Collection Agencies

Our collection law firm was recently contacted by a Florida collection agency to assist in attempting collection of a commercial collection case. We have been writing many articles setting forth the difference between Florida commercial collection agencies and Florida collection law firms. A Florida collection agency cannot practice law. The collection case forwarded to our collection lawyer involved fraudulent transfer of funds. A Florida commercial collection agency may have some debt collectors familiar with the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act but, cannot legally file a lawsuit. Florida collection agencies must send their cases that need to be litigated to a Florida collection attorney.

Florida Collection Attorney Gebeloff

Florida Collection Attorney Gebeloff

We accept many cases from Florida commercial collection agencies simply because traditional collection methods have not procured payment. Many commercial credit managers are realizing that it makes sense to consider simply forwarding their past due account receivables to a debt collection law firm rather than a Florida commercial collection agency. Notwithstanding not having to pay a higher contingent collection rate to Florida commercial collection agencies, the credit managers realize the limitations of a Florida collection agency.
If you call our Florida debt collection law firm one of our collection lawyers will discuss your debt collection matter with you. There are some instances in which forwarding your case to a Florida commercial collection may make sense. When you have a high volume of small balance claims for collection a Florida debt collection agency may be a good alternative.

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If litigation is required a Florida collection agency will not be able to litigate the case. The case would have to be sent to a Florida debt collection lawyer. We support Florida commercial collection agencies but, savvy commercial credit managers already know that it more cost effective to send the case directly to a Florida debt collection law firm. It should also be considered that if litigation is required, if you forward a case to Florida collection agencies first, there will be a delay in that once the Florida collection agency determines it cannot collect it must then send the debt collection case to a Florida collection attorney.