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Palm Beach County Collection Attorneys

The Gebeloff Law Group, a Palm Beach County law firm is available to assist creditors with their account receivable needs and collect their debt in Palm Beach County. Our firm focuses on commercial collection claims in the Palm Beach County cities located throughout Palm Beach County.

As Palm Beach County collection attorneys, our law firm will process your debt collection accounts in an expeditious manner. Experience shows that over time the likelihood of recovery diminishes. Our firm regularly handles Palm Beach County debt collection matters and is familiar with the Palm Beach County Courthouse Judicial System.

Palm Beach County Collection Attorney

Collection Attorneys in Palm Beach County


Our firm generally charges a contingent collection fee to collect on Palm Beach County collection accounts. By using a Florida Law Firm to collect your Palm Beach County collection cases instead of using an out of state law firm or a Palm Beach County collection agency, we believe your chances of collecting money on your past due accounts increases.

Our collection attorney and paralegals will send a collection demand letter to your Palm Beach County debtors. We believe Palm Beach County debtors will recognize that our law firm is close to their vicinity and will not ignore our law firm’s demand for payment. If the debtor does ignore our demand for payment, we will recommend that we litigate your Palm Beach County debt collection matter in the Palm Beach County Court House.

Our collection law firm, although aggressive, tempers its aggression with seasoned professionalism. Our firm complies with all collection laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our Palm Beach County Collection Law Firm, lawyers and attorneys uses all lawful methods to attempt collection of your money in the most expeditious manner possible.

It is easy to place a Palm Beach County collection account with our firm. You may mail or email your supporting documents to our debt collection firm. Our collection attorney will review your account and then contact you to devise a strategy for your Palm Beach County collection matter.

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