Staffing Industry Collection Attorney

Staffing and Recruiting Collection Attorneys Collecting for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry:

The Gebeloff Law Group has many years of experience assisting the staffing and recruiting industry collect their recruiting fees from staffing and recruiting clients who do not honor their contracts. We understand how hard your company works to staff and recruit a candidate and then not get paid for your services. Depending on the contract, you may need different assistance. For example, for government contracts, it’s likely you’ll need a specific government contracts attorney to help you but for more generic contracts, issues can be resolved pretty quickly.

Our collection lawyers-attorneys are familiar with the staffing and recruiting environment. The Gebeloff Law Group has represented many staffing and personnel placement agencies who have recruited for most all industries, including the banking, insurance, advertising, manufacturing, computer, health care, transportation, leasing, telecommunications and service industries. The Gebeloff Law Group prides itself in assisting staffing firms effectuate collection after placing a candidate.

The collection lawyers-attorneys at The Gebeloff Law group have their eyes and ears on developments in the personnel placement and staffing industry. We understand your company’s recruiters work hard to place a candidate and have lawfully earned its recruitment fee.

 Staffing Industry Collection Attorney

Staffing Industry Collection Attorney

Our collection lawyers-attorneys are able to prosecute collection matters for personnel placement agencies, recruiters and staffing firms throughout the State of Florida. We also assist recruiters and staffing firms nationally through our network of staffing and recruiting attorneys. Statistics have shown that bringing a collection action in the debtor’s county is more effective than bringing a collection action in other venues. Our staffing lawyers-attorneys are aggressive yet, tempered by seasoned professionalism when pursuing a personnel placement, recruitment or staffing collection case for the recruitment in the staffing companies in the staffing industry.

Staffing-Recruitment Industry Collection Attorney Fees:

The Gebeloff Law Group fees for collecting for the staffing industry and recruitment industry are contingent upon collection. If we are not successful collecting on a collection account for a recruiter, personnel placement agency or a staffing firm, there is no fee due for our collection attorney service. However, we exhaust every available avenue before recommending that a staffing industry collection matter be closed.

Retain a Staffing Industry Collection Attorney:

To get started with the collection process for recruiting fees earned by your agency from a business for breach of contract or breach of the candidate placement agreement please contact us today. One of our lawyers-attorneys will contact you shortly to start the collection process for your staffing agency or recruitment firm.


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There are many collection strategies that can be utilized by our collection attorneys when attempting to collect your fee for successfully recruiting and placing a candidate. We encourage all of our staffing agency clients to stay involved in the collection process and provide us all relevant information about the business they recruited for.

The Gebeloff Law Group recognizes that there are many choices when choosing a collection attorney or a collection agency in the recruitment and staffing industry when trying to recover fees for staffing, personnel placement and recruiting. Please feel free to contact The Gebeloff Law Group. Our collection firm can discuss your staffing agencies individual collection goals and collection strategies. We understand how hard you worked to recruit and then place a candidate. Working together we will strive to exceed your expectations, provide quality legal collection services and most importantly collect your money.