Frequently Asked Questions

Does your collection firm use debt collectors

In order to assist our collection attorneys and collection lawyers better assist our creditors collect on past due account receivables, our firm also uses debt collectors to make make debt collection phone calls to debtors. The commercial debt collectors also help gather information that may prove useful in the event that our collection law firm obtains a judgment. The debt collector, pre-litigation will also gather information on debtor assets that may be subject to garnishment  after judgment is obtained. In general debt collectors increase the percentage of the amount recovered for our commercial debt collection clients.

 Should You Retain a  Florida Collection Agency instead of  a Collection Law Firm

A Florida collection agency can be effective in collecting past due accounts. However, a Florida collection agency  is not licensed to practice law. A Florida collection agency can send collection letters and make debt collection phone calls. However, a Florida collection agency can not  file  a lawsuit to collect on past due accounts. Most Florida collection agencies  will forward past due accounts to a Florida collection lawyer when they are unable to collect on the debt.  Our commercial debt collection law firm provides the same debt recovery services as a Florida commercial collection agency.  We also provide the creditor with the added dimension  that their demand for payment is from a collection lawyer and not just a Florida collection agency.

Questions to our Debt Collection Law Firm

Can additional parties be brought into the collection case after a judgment is obtained in Florida?

Yes, If a creditor cannot satisfy their  judgment through garnishment or attachments  pursuant to a writ of execution , the creditor may initiate proceedings supplementary to execution pursuant to Florida Statute 56.29. Proceeding supplementary is the most wide ranging and comprehensive creditor remedy. Proceedings supplementary assists judgment creditors’ satisfaction of their judgments by using multiple equitable remedies. Proceedings supplementary enable a creditor to seize a judgment debtor’s stock in a corporation, the debtor’s accounts receivable, or his causes of action against a third party.

Can your debt collection law firm collect debts outside of Florida?

Yes, our national network of collection attorneys allows our debt collection firm to be a creditors one stop shop for placing claims for debt collection. We use a vetted group of debt collection attorneys to forward claims to debt collection attorneys located in the geographic vicinity of the debtor. This service allows creditors to place claims for collection  directly with our firm and not have to worry about finding competent  debt collection lawyers who will take the collection case on a contingency basis.

Does your collection law firm offer a pre-litigation  debt collection option?

The Gebeloff Law Group now offers an attorney demand letter service. Creditors can place accounts for  collection demand letter service only. To learn more about this service please visit our attorney demand letter web site for more detailed information.

How long do you suggest our company waits before filing a law suit to collect our money?

Our collection attorneys before filing a lawsuit to collect  past due account receivables want to first ascertain that the business is  still operational.  Each  debt collection case is unique. Our collection lawyers  will send a collection demand letter and make collection phone calls to first attempt an amicable resolution to the matter. Once this step is taken, our collection attorney can then make a recommendation whether or not your debt collection case warrants filing suit. Our collection firm does not want our clients to “throw good money after bad.” If it appears chances for recovery of your money are slim, our collection lawyers will explain the risks involved so that our collection clients are fully informed.

What is the minimum balance on collection accounts your collection law firm will accept?

Our commercial collection law firm accepts placements of commercial debt collection accounts from $2,500.00. Collecting past due accounts that our less than $2,500.00 are not cost effective. The filing fees in Florida to start a debt collection lawsuit are expensive to relative to starting a debt recovery suit in other states. Our collection lawyers do not recommend that our clients throw good money after bad when pursuing past due account receivables.

What are the fees your debt collection law firm charges to collect on past due accounts?

Our debt collection law firm typically charges a fee which is contingent upon the collection of the past due debt. The contingent collection fee varies based upon the age of the account receivable, the nature of the debt and how contested the collection claim will be. Our collection attorney may discuss other legal fee options that may be available to your company in pursuing collection of past due accounts, including a flat fee, an hourly rate or a blended rate.

What coverage areas does your commercial debt collection law firm service?

Our collection law firm is able to provide commercial debt collection services throughout the entire State of Florida. Our collection attorney is also affiliated with network of vetted commercial debt collection attorneys and collection firms throughout the United States. Thus, we are able to provide our credit managers and other debt collection clients the ability to place their past due collection accounts with our law firm. Our collection attorneys will then make sure to place the collection accounts with collection law firms typically where the debtor maintains its principal place of business. It is important to recognize that when collecting money, it is important to obtain a judgment in the jurisdiction where the debtor maintains its assets.

What is the process your collection law firm uses to attempt collection of past due accounts?

Our collection attorneys will first draft a demand letter demanding payment of the money due to your company on past due accounts. Our debt collection staff and paralegals begin to work on a profile for the debtor. Our firm will attempt to verify the debtor is still in business, has a working phone number and valid address for service of the summons and complaint, if necessary. The Department of State records for the debtor corporation is reviewed to ascertain if the debtor’s corporate existence is still legally recognized. There are time when a business may be operating and their corporate charter has been administratively dissolved. In this case, our collection lawyers may look to impose personal liability (piercing the corporate veil) on the officers of the debtor company for the past due debt.

Debt Collection Law Firm

Collection Attorney and Collection Law Firm

Our collection lawyers and or paralegals begin to make collection calls demanding payment for your past due receivable. If the business is still active and is simply ignoring our law firms demands for payment, our collection attorneys will then suggest starting a lawsuit to collect the debt. The collection lawyer will map out a timeline on what to expect depending on the nature of the debt and whether or not the attempt at collection will be disputed by the debtor. Each debt collection case is different and we suggest that you call our collection law firm and ask to speak to our collection attorney to discuss your individual case and the prospects of recovering money on your companies past due accounts.