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Using a Florida Collection Agency

We work hand in hand with Florida collection agencies all the time. We remind our clients that our debt collection law firm can offer the same debt collection services as a Florida collection agency. Florida collection agencies send demand letters to debtors demanding payment of your account receivables. A Florida collection agency also makes telephone calls demanding payment of past due accounts.

Using Florida Collection Agencies

After Florida collection agencies send our debt collection letters and make phone calls attempting to collect past due debt, a Florida collection agency is limited in that they are not licensed to practice debt collection law. Florida collection agencies after they exhaust their debt collection efforts have to refer cases to Florida collection attorneys. As a result, the Florida collection agency will charge you a higher contingent collection rate.

Florida Collection Attorney Gebeloff

Florida Collection Attorney Gebeloff

More Credit Managers are turning to Florida Collection Attorneys Instead of Relying on Florida Debt Collection Agencies

A Florida collection agency will raise their contingent collection fee if they have to refer a case to a Florida collection attorney. Most credit managers realize that Florida collection agencies are not licensed to practice law and using a Florida collection agency sometimes will just delay the inevitable. If litigation is required, Florida collection have their hand tied. The Florida collection agency is obligated to forward the collection matter to a Florida debt collection attorney which ends up costing your company a higher contingent rate upon collection.

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Florida Collection Agency Resources

If your company has small balance claims and litigation will not be cost effective, below you will find links to several Florida collection agencies. We do not recommend or endorse any particular Florida collection. We merely provide links to the Florida collection agencies for your reference.

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