florida judgment collection

Florida Judgment Collection

The Gebeloff Law Group has attorneys who collect Judgments in Florida. As attorneys who collect judgments in Florida, we will advise our clients on the steps that can be taken to discover assets and to possibly liquidate the Florida Judgment.

Florida  Judgment Collection

Florida Judgment Collection

Not all attorneys in Florida collect judgments in Florida. Florida judgment collection varies from case to case. Different information will be collected during the discovery phase so each case will be treated differently. We encourage our debt collection clients to speak to one of our collection lawyers about their Florida judgment collection needs. Florida judgment collection can involve post judgment discovery. If a debtor fails to respond to post judgment discovery in the Florida judgment collection process, our debt collection law firm can petition the Court to hold the debtor in contempt. Florida judgment collection can become difficult when a debtor hides assets. Our attorneys can send post judgment interrogatories or take a debtor’s .

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Florida judgment collection allows a creditor to seize assets including bank accounts, real property and personal property of the debtor. In Florida there are tenancy in the entirety laws that may affect your Florida judgment collection. If a creditor only has a judgment against one of the spouses, assets owned jointly may be exempt from the creditor in the Florida judgment collection process.

Our Florida debt collection law firm has found that in the Florida Judgment collection process that putting legal pressure on the judgment debtor sometimes is enough to get the debtor to start to make post judgment payments. If the debtor is not cooperative with divulging assets a Florida court can hold the principals of the debtor entity in contempt of Court. We encourage you to call our debt collection law firm and discuss your Florida judgment collection case with our collection lawyers-attorneys.