How To Collect Money In Florida

How Do I Collect Money In Florida

Our clients call our Florida debt collection law firm asking to speak to our collection lawyer. They frequently ask the collection attorney how to collect money owed in Florida. If you are looking for a Florida collection attorney to assist your company collect past due account receivable, our Florida debt recovery law firm would be happy to answer your questions. Florida Law has several nuances when it pertains to collecting money.  Our website has many articles on Florida debt collection to assist our clients and help advise our debt recovery clients on how to collect their money.

Debt Recovery Firm in Florida

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How to Collect on Florida Judgments

A very common topic that our Florida debt recovery clients asks is how do I collect a Florida Judgment. Post judgment collection in Florida has several different options for our debt collection law firm clients to consider. Our law firm’s collection attorney will explore several different options that may be available to assist locate assets that can be seized to satisfy in whole or in part a Florida Judgment.  Every debt collection case in Florida has its own unique set of facts. What may prove a successful debt collection strategy in one case, may not prove to be a successful debt recovery strategy in Florida in another collection case.

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Our Florida debt collection law firm has represented most industries in attempting to collect on past due accounts. How to collect money in Florida varies on the type of business and the type of debt owed. Our Florida collection lawyer will ask you questions about your company’s internal debt collection procedures.  We will work hard to understand your individual business needs when attempting to collect on the past due account receivable placed for collection with our Florida collection law firm. We welcome speaking to you on how our Florida debt collection lawyer can assist you or your company collect more  past due accounts owed

Florida Debt Collection Agency

Florida Debt Collection Agency

What to consider when deciding to use a Florida  Collection Agency

A Florida debt collection agency may be ideal for creditors with multiple past due accounts with small balances that are past due. When collecting money a Florida debt collection agency may send demand letters and make phone calls in an attempt to collect your money. A Florida debt collection agency usually hires debt collectors   to make numerous phone calls   to persuade the debtor to pay.

A Florida debt collection agency cannot practice law. If the Florida debt collection agency is unable to collect your money with phone calls and debt collection letters the collection agency must then send the account to a Florida debt collection law firm.

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Florida Debt Collection Agency

Our Florida debt collection law firm receives many accounts from a Florida debt collection agency that has been unable to collect the debt by phone calls and letters alone. We find often that a Florida debt collection agency will hold on to the account to long before forwarding the claim to our law firm for collection. The collection agency does not want to forward the account if it does not have to because their contingency fee will be reduced in that the case has now been sent to a collection lawyer.


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Please keep in mind that our debt collection law firm   uses collection lawyers and debt collection paralegals to attempt the collection of past due accounts. Just like a Florida debt collection agency our debt collection firm can send demand letters and make collection phone calls. The advantage to a client coming to our collection practice instead of using a Florida debt collection agency is that the contingency rate will be lower if the account has to go to litigation, collection demands are coming from a collection law firm and collection attorneys and paralegals are handling the account. Putting the power of a debt collection law firm may be right for you before your company considers a Florida debt collection agency. Please feel free to contact our debt recovery law firm to discuss your options.