The Difference Between a Florida Collection Agency and Florida Collection Law Firm

Florida Collection  Attorney and Collection Law Firm

Florida Collection Attorney and Collection Law Firm

Creditors often ask us what the difference is between using a Florida collection agency or several Florida collection agencies as opposed to using a Florida Collection Attorney or Florida Collection Law Firm. Florida collection agencies do have their purpose. If you are looking for a debt collection strategy that sends out collection letters to debtors and then follows up with repeated calls demanding payment,  a collection agency may work when the age of the account receivable is not that old. But, over time, or even now with businesses having a harder time with their cash flow, collection letters and phone calls from a Florida collection agency may not be enough to get your money collected.

When you use a Florida debt collection law firm or a Florida collection attorney or lawyer, the Florida collection lawyer will be able to start a lawsuit to help you effectuate collection. Receiving a summons and a complaint on a collection case starts the clock ticking for the debtor. The debtor now either knows it will have to offer a plan to settle the collection suit, hire a lawyer to defend the Florida collection lawsuit filed by the lawyer. If the debtor fails to respond, the Florida collection lawyer and or Florida collection law firm will be able to move to enter default judgment. The Florida collection lawyer will be able to then begin to look for assets to garnish.

In summary, Florida collection agencies at times can get the results a creditor is looking for. But, in the end, the urgency for the debtor to act to pay a creditor money that is due is much stronger when the collection demand for payment comes from a Florida collection lawyer or law firm.

It is easy to place a Florida collection account with our firm. You may mail or email your supporting documents to our collection firm. Our Florida collection attorney will review your account and then contact you to devise a strategy for your Florida collection matter.

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Stephen B. Gebeloff, Esq. has provided his clients in Florida and the United States debt collection services for more than 25 years. The firm focuses its debt collection services on commercial collection matters. Being a boutique Florida collection law firm, allows us to focus our Florida debt collection services on finding solutions for our clients’ toughest debt collection matters and devise strategies to effectively liquidate our clients’ account receivables.

Our Florida debt collection services law firm takes on debt collection matters from accounts that are just past due to cases in which judgment has already been attained but, our client has not been able to collect on its Judgment. We endeavor to resolve all of our Florida debt collection services cases in an expeditious, efficient and costs effective manner for our clients.

We welcome you to contact us to set up a Florida Debt Collection Services  Collection Strategy for your Debt Collection Needs. Contact  Stephen B. Gebeloff, P.A., Collection Law Firm at (561) 953-4600 or email Mr. Gebeloff [email protected] to discuss your debt collection needs.