Pre-Litigation Debt Collection Stategies

Upon receipt of a new claim for collection in our office, our collection attorney and debt collection paralegals review your collection case. Initially  our debt collection firm is  trying to determine if the debtor is still a viable entity or perhaps the principals of the corporation or limited liability have opened up a new entity or shifted assets to themselves. Depending on the results of our investigation and appropriate demand letter for payment of your debt is sent.

Stephen Gebeloff Florida Colletion Lawyer

Aggressively Pursuing Our Clients’ Interests

Our law firm demands that payment be made for the amount that is due and owing to our debt collection clients. The collection demand letter sent to the debtor serves several purposes. The first is to let the debtor know that our collection firm has been retained by the creditor. We are also able to determine if the address is valid to serve the summons and debt collection lawsuit on the defendant if our collection attorneys are unable resolve the matter pre-litigation, During this initial period of time, our collection attorneys will also determine the corporate identity of the debtor.
The lawyers from our debt collection law firm will make telephone demands on the debtor. Our collection firm strives to give our debt collection clients an assessment as to the prospects of collecting their money on their past due receivables. In this tough economy our attorneys try to determine if there is a legitimate dispute on the account, the debtor has cash flow problems or simply is flat out ignoring demand for payment of the debt. . If we are unsuccessful collection our client’s money at this stage, a debt collection strategy is discussed with our collection law clients.

Please feel free to contact our collection attorney at our debt collection law firm and speak to our Florida collection lawyer about the specifics facts surrounding your Florida debt collection case. You may mail or email your supporting documents to our collection firm. Our Florida collection attorney will review your account and then contact you to devise a strategy for your collection matter.
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