Can Principals of a Closely Held Entity Be Personally Liable for the Debt of the Entity

Our collection attorneys find time and time again small businesses ignore corporate formalities. At our Florida Collection Law Firm, we investigate to see if corporate formalities have in fact been followed. If not our collection lawyers will seek to pin personal liability for corporate debt on the principals of these entities. The principals of these single member limited liability companies or closely held companies simply take these forms with the illusion, it will shield them from personal liability for the debt these entities incur. This is a mistake.
Our collection lawyers look for commingling of corporate funds with the personal funds of the principals and/ or the use of corporate funds for expenses that our clearly not business related. Good examples are expenses for purchase of movie tickets, repeated charges to restaurants and or charges incurred at Universal Studios or Disney World. One of the biggest mistakes our collection attorneys find is the principals of the debtor entities do not file their annual reports with the department of corporations. This causes the entity to become administratively dissolved.

 Collection  Attorney and Collection Law Firm

Collection Attorney and Collection Law Firm

Please feel free to contact our collection attorney at our debt collection law firm and speak to our collection lawyers about the specifics facts surrounding your debt collection case. We will discuss the possibility of pursuing the principals of closely held entities for the debt owed to your company. You may mail or email your supporting documents to our collection firm. Our collection attorney will review your account and then contact you to devise a strategy for your debt collection matter.

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