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What to do when your customer owes you money and starts ignoring your demands for payment. You should consider using a debt collection and debt recovery law firm.

Since the economic down turn of 2008,   it is more and more common for a small business to struggle with its cash flow. As a result, businesses are cash strapped and cannot pay all of its vendors each and every month. It is important for creditors to be proactive.

Our   debt collection law firm believes that those creditors that push the hardest, will get paid first ahead of other vendors that our owed money. Our collection attorneys send out collection demand letters. Our debt collection lawyers will contact your customers who owe your company money and try and ascertain if there is a legitimate business reason why your account receivable is not being paid. If there are legitimate reasons, our collection law firm will act as an intermediary and attempt to help both sides come to an amicable solution.

If there are no legitimate business reasons for your customer to not pay on your open account, our collection attorney will most likely recommend that suit be brought. Our collection lawyer will analyze the collection account to see if officers of the company can be held responsible for payment of the corporate debt.

 Collection  Attorney and Collection Law Firm

Collection Attorney and Collection Law Firm

Contact our collection attorney at our debt collection law firm and speak to our collection lawyers about the specifics facts surrounding your debt collection case. Our collection lawyer will discuss the possibility of pursuing the principals of closely held entities for the debt owed to your company. You may mail or email your supporting documents to our collection firm. Our collection attorney will review your account and then contact you to devise a strategy for your debt collection matter.

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